The truth of who God is, is only found in the BIble. The Key to finding out more about his promises, and fullness of life in Him is reading your Bible. 

Take the Next Step in your Faith

If you have a TV,  smartphone, a computer, or a  tablet that you spend more than 10 minutes on....then you can spare 10 minutes to read the one thing that can change the rest of your life. The book of life, The Bible. It brings guidance, encouragement, hope, answers to your life issues. Wherever you are in your life the Bible is the one thing that will always and ever be Relevant. 


The Bible is your next step, but 66 books in One Large's a bit intimidating. We get it!  The thing is, you can't have a close relationship with a friend without ever talking to them, it's impossible. By Reading bits and pieces at a time God's word - the Bible - is the way He builds a relationship with each of us.  Read and pray. Talk with God about what He's teaching you today. 

Here are some ways to get into His word every day.