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The Way of the Wise

Wisdom In Parenting

For this Mother's Day sermon, Rodney shares parenting insights from Proverbs. Parents need to shepherd their children's spiritual hearts not just by disciplining but also by teaching. We can give children the how-to but cannot force their want-to but the hope is by starting with their heart they're better positioned to want to do the right things for the right reasons. This "training" needs to be done with a purpose, with the finish line in mind. Our end goal as parents is to make our children reliant on God. We must connect before we correct meaning we cannot be distant and aloof instead we should delight in our kids as God delights in us. This connection is what will give parents influence when it's needed most. Pastor Rodney wraps up the sermon by outlining what unhealthy discipline looks like against Godly discipline. The greatest way to effect change is one family at a time and as parents, we can make a kingdom impact.
Sunday, May 12, 2024


The Way of the Wise

In this sermon series we'll be digging into Proverbs to discover what we can learn about parenting, Godly work, relationships and stewardship.

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