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Mark pt. 3: Desperate Faith

In the second chapter of Mark, Jesus reaches out to some desperate people: a leper, a paralytic, and a tax collector. These were desperate people, in a desperate culture, with a desperate future, yet Jesus still chose to minister to them. Sometimes being desperate isn't a bad thing. It's the desperate church that's going to reach today's desperate people—and in this season of social distance and spiritual isolation, it's time for the body of Christ to truly be the body of Christ.
Sunday, October 4, 2020



This fall we're diving into the gospel of Mark—taking a look at how Jesus's vision of discipleship is still applicable (and needed!) in our lives today. The idea of discipleship or mentorship isn't what it used to be. We falsely believe we have to do life all on our own with no help from those who are a few steps ahead of us. But that's just not true! God designed us to be discipled and to disciple, just look at his own 12 closest friends! This fall we'll walk through the book of Mark together, taking an honest look at how we can become better disciples, and in turn, disciple those in our circle of influence.

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