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Father God, A Study in 1 John

The Father's Heart

Pastor Rodney wraps up our sermon series on 1 John by looking at 5:13-21. He shares four key points with us. God's love for us is eternal: as believers, we can have confidence in our salvation through our faith in Jesus. God hears our prayers: we need to align our prayers with God's will and trust in His wisdom and goodness. God changes our hearts: by being obedient to God's commands and remaining steadfast in our faith, God can protect us in the face of spiritual challenges. God demands our worship: we need to have a relationship with Christ and we must have faithful devotion to God.
Sunday, March 17, 2024


Father God, A Study in 1 John

An eight-week study on 1 John. In this compilation of letters from John, we'll dive into his theological insights and practical instructions for Christian living.

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