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Father God, A Study in 1 John

Knowing the Truth

This week we continue in chapter two of 1 John and look at verses 18-27. Pastor Rodney begins by addressing a common misunderstanding. Jesus isn't at the top of the priority list, He is at the center of our lives influencing every aspect. The goal of an antichrist is to push Jesus out of the center of the conversation. Antichrists are people from inside the walls that tear down the church with deception. We need to evaluate if they are a sheep or showing traits of a wolf. The objective of a wolf is not to stray but to eat the sheep that stray. John reminds us that to abide in Christ means to keep Him in the center and stay connected to the power source. He's not on a religious checklist, He needs to stay in the center of our lives. We need to have a personal relationship with Jesus.
Sunday, February 11, 2024


Father God, A Study in 1 John

An eight-week study on 1 John. In this compilation of letters from John, we'll dive into his theological insights and practical instructions for Christian living.

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